This Week in Social Media: April 22-28

Posted by Karim Kanji on Apr 29, 2016 10:26:41 AM

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Here is what we hope to be a weekly report from Active International's social media team, iNvolved Media.


Twitter recently conducted a study on Direct Response (DR) campaigns. After studying 9,000 DR campaigns Twitter released it's findings. Here is a snippet of what they found:

  • Tweets that convey urgency have a 10% higher CTR
  • For Tweets advertising a discount, it's best to illustrate the discount in terms of percentages rather than dollars
  • Promoting new products result in a 23% higher CTR
  • Tweets with 40-60 characters have the lowest CPA while tweets with 100-120 characters have the highest

Did you know that Facebook (and other online services) regularly receive official government requests for data? Maybe you did. This past week, Facebook released its latest Global Government Requests Report. In it, Facebook reported a 13% increase in these requests. 

In the ongoing battle between social media platforms, it was reported that Twitter beats Facebook in video revenue sharing. This is good news for publishers. However, Facebook still generates much more views via their billion-plus audience. To be continued.

Interactive videos (online rollover ads) are coming soon to Facebook and Instagram. 


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