Snapchat and Facebook are fighting over users and brands. And so much more.

Posted by Karim Kanji on Jul 5, 2016 12:01:17 PM

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Facebook is building a better newsfeed. According to a blog post, Facebook announced that all of our feeds will show more posts from family and friends.  

Facebook Live now offers the ability to create two-person livestreams. 

Facebook's Messenger app is being tested to allow users to send and receive payments. This peer-to-peer system might just be Facebook's first foray into the broader payments industry. 

Canvas is Facebook's newest ad unit offering. And now, it's also available as an organic post. 

Facebook is investing heavily in its Live product. According to the Wall Street Journal more than $50 million has been paid to publishers. 


Instagram recently announced that they have more than 500 million users with more than 300 million of those who use the platform daily. 

Ever wonder what works on Instagram? Marketingland recently did a series. Here's Part Two. 


Twitter recently launched a standalone app for celebrities. It's called Engage

In an effort to keep engagement high (or to keep it from plummeting) Twitter recently launched #Stickers

Users can now create and post videos direct from Twitter's native app. A move that seems to be years late. 

Coming soon to Canada: Twitter Dashboard. A new way for busiensses to keep track of their business and campaigns on Twitter. 

Twitter Canada continues to hire. They just hired a new head of research. 

Know more about how your videos are performing on Twitter. 


Snapchat and Facebook are fighting to get brands and users to share. And share. And share some more. 

Expect pricing for ads on Snapchat to fall. 


Pinterest is making it easier for users to discover and buy things. 


Programmatic buying has arrived at LinkedIn.


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