Not enough media budget? Safeguard your media budget from cuts by trading up

Posted by Isidora Roskic on Jun 9, 2017 4:03:06 PM

In today's ever-changing global economy and fragmented media lanscape, company budgets feel tighter than ever. In fact a Gartner CMO Study demonstrated an yearly increase in the percentage of marketers bracing for a budget cut, with a high of 14% in 2016. 

Corporate trade is a business model that enables marketers to maintain their media budgets even if faced with financial cuts. Imagine being able to top up your advertising campaign without any additional hard cost. 

Corporate Trade helps marketers:

1. Maximize advertising reach

Problem: You're pressured to maximize product sales and increase marketing innovation with a modest budget

Solution: Corporate trade credits could effectively top up your budget as much as 15% 

2. Protect budget from cuts

Problem: Your company is cutting marketing dollars

Solution: Corporate trade credits can be used to help offset the cost of your media expenses by an average of 15%

3. Minimize the financial risk of trying new approaches

Problem: Trying out a new marketing tactic or advertising channel adds pressure and increases ROI risk

Solution: Corporate trade credits serve as the 15% safety net to marketers to allow them to explore new mediums in a cost effective way. That means you'll have the freedom to innovate!

Want to learn more? 

Download the playbook here. 

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