RCC Retail Marketing Conference Recap: Voice Search

Posted by Christine Lako on Apr 13, 2018 11:08:06 AM

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With voice activated devices such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home becoming increasingly more prominent, retailers have a great deal to consider when incorporating this medium into their retail marketing strategies.

At the RCC Retail Marketing conference, 4 topics of consideration were presented to help companies stay ahead of the curve with regards to Voice Search:

1) Localization
Where you are matters as much as who you are. Customers will react differently to content when they are across the street from a store versus when they are relaxing at home.

2) User-Generated Content
Artificial intelligence depends on user content in order to learn. Voice assistants will lean on the content of reviews by users in response to their queries to help refine future results.

3) Optimization
It is important that location data is kept up to date across the entire ecosystem - this is not limited to Google alone, but also on Bing and Yahoo. It is equally as important to ensure data such as the store's hours of operation, special holiday hours, and closures are consistent across the ecosystem to provide the best possible experience for consumers.

4) Content Creation
With voice search, your content is part of the conversation (literally). Thought should be put into the type of long-tail searches that people may make, as well as how real people converse. 

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