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Posted by Karim Kanji on Dec 6, 2018 3:14:59 PM

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Video Advertising is a huge part of the marketing mix for brands. Whether it's YouTube, Facebook, or programmatic, video advertising is not new. However, it can result in huge opportunity for brands looking to build on reputation or drive sales.

Following our most recent #Media360 event, Karim Kanji, who is the Director, Social Media Strategy at Active Canada, sat down with two of the panelists from the event for a quick chat on video advertising.  

Seraj Bharwani is the Chief Strategy Officer at AcuityAds. Previous to this role, Seraj co-founded Digitas before selling it to Publicis. He also co-founded Visible Measures which was a third-party digital video measurement company that was sold in 2017 to AcuityAds.

"Attention is very, very hard to get these days. The best way to get consumer data is to focus on the quality of the data you have and establishing the interest level." - Seraj Bharwani, AcuityAds

Christina Summers oversees Roku Canada in her role as Regional Sales Manager, and brings more than 15 years of experience in digital and advertising to the platform.

"For consumers, Roku is all about choice...it's about giving consumers choice that they want at the household level." - Christina Summers, Roku Canada

The entire podcast conversation can be heard below: 

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