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Posted by Karim Kanji on Jan 24, 2019 4:23:35 PM

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Amazon is currently testing out a program that would let brands send free samples to its customers, with the recipients targeted based on their browsing and purchasing history. The program extends to both Prime and non-Prime Amazon shoppers, and will largely feature consumer packaged goods. 

"One of the biggest reasons to advertise on Amazon is the size of its audience, along with that audience's propensity to purchase. Amazon visitors are already in shopping mode—not just receptive to product messaging, but actively looking for it. " wrote eMarketer Senior Analyst Nicole Perrin


Targeting by interest will finally be available to advertisers on LinkedIn starting this week, via the professional network’s Campaign Manager.


CBS News has conducted a poll into podcast listening habits and found an upward trend over the past year. In December 2017, 53% of adults said they never listened to podcasts, but in the latest results the rate shrank to 30%. The drop was even more extreme for listeners who fall in the Millennial age group. Within the survey’s 18-34 demographic, where 47% said they never listened to podcasts in December 2017 but only 18% did in January 2019.

The share of respondents who are daily or “a few times a week” listeners rose from 15% to 23%. The youngest age bracket again had a marked interest in podcasts, with 29% of the 18-34 age group stating they listen to these shows daily or a few times a week.


Blue Ant Gaming was born out of a strategic partnership between Blue Ant Media and Toronto-based international gaming network Enthusiast Gaming. Enthusiast Gaming represents an online community of gamers and influencers with more than 75 million monthly visitors to its affiliated profiles and websites.


Cries for greater transparency and advertising accountability got louder in 2018. In 2019, the call to arms must be answered. Marketers failing to do so won’t just be causing a further rift between themselves and their customers—they’ll be setting themselves up for failure.

Marketers are going to have to prepare for impending regulation and heightened privacy concerns, whether they want to or not. This will mean scrutinizing their data collection practices and making sure they are meeting regulatory requirements and consumer expectations.


People Are Renting Out Their Facebook Accounts In Exchange For Cash And Free Laptops


New study shows that one of the biggest drivers in digital growth, whether on mobile or desktop, is search.


Which trends should local marketers be watching this year? What are the tactics, tools, behavioral shifts, and big ideas that every firm should be paying attention to in 2019?


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