Podcast: Advertising Update - Jan 18 2019

Posted by Karim Kanji on Jan 18, 2019 4:14:33 PM

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Facebook will continue to attract advertisers with the Newsfeed dominating where users will opt to spend time. 


49% of gamers say that gaming apps have the best ad experience. 


Spotify has over 200 million monthly active users. 


Facebook Watch has 400 million monthly active users even though 50% of people have never heard of it while 25% of people have heard of it but have never used it. 


Instagram will continue to grow and hit almost 1 billion users by 2022. Instagram currently sits at 713 million users. 


Podcasting is still new so attribution and measurement is still in its infancy. It helps that Apple has released it's beta analytics. 


In 2019, time spent on Digital will eclipse all other media combined. TV will still dominate media time at 203 minutes per day followed by smartphones at 150 and computer use at 136 minutes per day. 


CES was in Las Vegas this year again. and here are some news items coming out of the annual trade show:
There is finally a $7,000 toilet.
5G is coming fast.
Amazon Echo will soon be in your car.
200,000 podcasts launched in 2018 which brings the total podcast ecosystem to 1,000,000!
Spotify is now the #2 podcast listening platform behind Apple Podcasts.


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