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Posted by Stephanie Lim on Oct 18, 2017 5:52:13 PM

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Many consumer brands who first encounter corporate trade tend to use it as a financial alternative to liquidating excess inventory

While it's absolutely a strong financial solution to excess inventory challenges, it really can be so much more. Here are some top reasons why companies place their trust in corporate trade.

More long-term media value

"They've added value to our media buys and to our business. Active has presented us with a number of unique media opportunities of outstanding reach, value and significantly lower cash cost.”

Reputable trading companies are commited to a long-lasting partnership. What usually starts out as a reaction to solve inventory or media problems often grows into a valuable multi-year relationship.

More breathing room to be bold

"The additional value I’m getting through trade credits gives me more budget freedom to test new initiatives, or be reactive to marketplace changes when needed."

In today's competitive and fast-changing world, marketers face new challenges everyday. Intense competition, figuring out what it means to market in a digital world, return on investment, audience fragmentation, shrinking budgets, and more. 

A corporate trade smart solution gives marketers needed breathing room to test new intiatives and be bold amid many competing priorities. For instance, Carrier was able to run two TV campagins for the first time in Canada through Active's trading model. Like this, trading up allows marketers to stay on top of their game and exceed marketing targets.

More ROI

"Media trade credits give me an immediate 15% ROI on any campaign where media trade credits are used."

Through a bartered Guaranteed ROI Solution, in exchange for placing your media campaign through a trading company, they guarantee to purchase an agreed amount of your product back. It is typically a percentage of your advertising campaign value (i.e 10% -30% of your campaign value).

More marketing budget
"Active’s media trade credits have given me 15% more budget to play with. What marketer doesn’t need more budget?"

Many businesses have proven real results when their digital marketing complement traditional marketing strategies. However, it's not always feasible for marketers to explore every new shiny object when on a budget.

Trade credits give 15% more media budget to play with. Here is a list of some digital marketing trends that a marketer can exploit by trading up.

More partnership

"They understand our business and work with us to achieve our goals. Active has become increasingly integrated with our team and quickly becoming an indispensable partner."

Look for a corporate trade partner who asks the right questions. Someone who is truly invested in a long-term partnership will seek an intimate understanding of your goals, challenges and priorities.  Independant corporate trade companies are the best positioned to ally with your existing media agency without conflict of interest.  

More reliability

"Active has become increasingly integrated with our team and quickly becoming an indispensable partner."

Companies that empower their AOR to work with corporate trade leader Active International indicate that they find them reliable and trustworthy. This is due to their strong reputation, independance from large agency-conglomerant ownership, and considerable experience.

In Canada alone, Active has delivered close to $100 million in added media value to Canadian brands since 2002. Our digital media buying has also grown 400% over the last seven years.

They've built an impressive reputation with years of experience and global connections across 16 different countries -  their clients and agencies recognize that.


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Trade up, Achieve more.

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