Thought Leaders of Active: Ahmed Al-Waili's Panel at the MediaPost Data & Programmatic Summit

Posted by Christine Lako on Sep 26, 2018 7:30:00 AM

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Recently, Ahmed Al-Waili, Active Canada's Director of Programmatic, traveled to Lake Tahoe, California, to participate in a panel discussion at the MediaPost Data & Programmatic Insider Summit

Attended by advertisers, agencies, and vendors, the conference was about all things programmatic, including common challenges faced in the space, solutions to those issues, and how people are leveraging the technology for their campaigns. 

With over 8 years of online marketing experience and 6 years in the programmatic space on both the buy and sell sides, Ahmed was a fitting choice to participate in the conference as a speaker. Ahmed joined several industry colleagues in a panel discussion entitled "Can Programmatic Build Brand?"

The theme of the session was all about branding, and whether or not advertisers could leverage automated media buying to develop their brands, along with the targeting methods and performance indicators that could be used to achieve their goals. 

Ahmed Programmatic Summit Panel Discussion

Important Considerations Regarding Programmatic Branding:

In the discussion, Ahmed noted that programmatic branding is about more than just automation; he stressed that it is important to include data to run an effective programmatic campaign. He also recommended that a proper attribution method be put in place when multiple vendors are utilized, to ensure that all vendors are not targeting the same user and using the same tactics. Instead, he suggested that different tactics should be spread out across DSPs, based on each DSP's particular strengths. 

Measuring Success:

While the panel was conflicted about measures of success, Ahmed believes that KPIs should go beyond basic metrics such as CTR. Instead, he feels success should be about the audience - reaching the target audience, reducing frequency, and ensuring that they are actually seeing the ad (viewability). 

100% Automation:

When the question was posed about whether or not the industry will ever become 100% automated, Ahmed voiced his opinion that there will always be the need to have human involvement. Humans are able to see things that a computer cannot, and will still be needed to an extent to monitor for fraud, since there is always the potential for bots to bypass computer filters. 

Programmatic Summit Excursion

While the conference agenda kept everyone busy with three days' worth of sessions, delegates were also given the time to participate in some outdoor activities, including hiking, kayaking, and ATVing. It was an enjoyable way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the conference while networking with industry colleagues. 

To hear more about Ahmed's session, "Can Programmatic Build Brand?", watch the video stream from the conference, which can be found below: 

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