Media360 Review: Under the Influence

Posted by Stephanie Lim on Oct 20, 2017 10:14:20 AM

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There’s no arguing that the number of social media influencers have grown exponentially over recent years. The likes of Kylie Jenner, Michelle Phan, Kat Von D and other social celebrities have literally built empires with their abilities to influence others.

Despite all of the hype, some marketers may be wondering why exactly influencers are so important. How much influence do they really have?  

In this session, Amy Laski from FelicityPR, Richard Wong from #paid, and Jeff Roach from Media Nation discuss:

  • Which brands can benefit the most from influencer marketing
  • Common challenges when running an influencer marketing campaign and the best-in-class practices
  • How much control does a brand have over the influencer?
  • Are fake followers ruining influencer marketing?
  • How to go about selecting an influencer
  • How can marketers measure the impact of their influencer programs and connect this to ROI?
  • How do we ensure the influencers we choose stay brand-safe?
  • Case studies of successful influencer campaigns

Topics: Digital Media, Social Media, instagram


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