Media360 Review: The Future of Audio is Digital

Posted by Christine Lako on Mar 8, 2018 11:46:39 AM

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Over the past few years, we have seen a consistent increase in digital content, which has paved the way for increased advertising opportunities and spend. It's no surprise that audio has been following the same trend, with digital audio and podcasts emerging as hot topics in the industry. 

In Active's latest #Media360 session on March 1st, a panel of experts discussed how podcasts are reshaping the future of advertising. The discussion was moderated by Active's own Karim Kanji, Director of Social Media Strategy, and also featured the following panelists:

  • Jeff Ulster, Chief Content and Technology Officer, The Podcast Exchange
  • Robert "Bob" Kane, VP Sales, The Podcast Exchange
  • Stuart Coxe, Executive Producer, Entertainment One
  • James Fragomeni, Director of Partnerships, leanStream


The Canadian Podcast Listener

Jeff Ulster from TPX kicked off the discussion by sharing some results from The Canadian Podcast Listener study. According to the study, over the past year, 10 million Canadians (34% of the adult population) have listened to podcasts, and 15% of Canadian adults listen to them on a weekly basis. It is clear that there is a captive audience that is available to be reached with digital audio advertisements.

The Canadian landscape is fragmented at best with the most popular show, This American Life, earning 5% of the vote of most listened to podcast. This is a huge opportunity for advertisers to use a service like leanStream to follow a specific audience rather than a specific show.

The Twitter livestream of Jeff's discussion can be found below:

The Panel Discussion

Following Jeff's presentation, the group entered into an engaging discussion on this emerging advertising format, which covered the following topics:

  • Comparing podcast advertising to radio and other digital media
  • Which brands are best suited to podcast advertising?
  • How to go about buying podcast ads – from the cost basis to targeting and placement options
  • Brand safety in podcast advertising
  • What role does programmatic play in podcast advertising?
  • How can marketers measure the success of their podcast campaigns?

  • Case studies of successful podcast campaigns

Podcasts are taking off so much that their potential does not lie soley in the audio format. For example, Stuart Coxe's Entertainment One Podcast Network has had success with shows like SickBoy, which is being spun off into a TV show. 

Since they are still a relatively new form of advertising, industry measurement standards are still likely a year or more away. 

To view the entire panel discussion, check out the Twitter livestream:

Have you used podcast advertising in your media plans? We'd love to hear about your experiences.

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