Highlights from the BRC's Mid Season Review 2015

Posted by Kimberly Presnail on Feb 4, 2015 5:25:02 PM

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Andrea Lloyd, Senior Media Buyer with Active International in Canada, attended the Broadcast Research Council (BRC) mid season review, gaining valuable insight into the Winter/Spring 2015 Mid-Season programming.


Viewers take control of schedules

“The U.S. has seen a drop between 4%-12%  in people using televisions over the past year,” says Lloyd, “This is being attributed an increase in viewing of non-measured vehicles such as NETFLIX, VOD and Internet Viewing.  The penetration of Canadian Netflix subscribers (Adults 18+ Anglophones) is 39% - that’s significant.”

In addition, the BRC noted that over 50% of Canadian households now have PVR, and that the percentage of viewing done in playback continue to rise amongst all demographics, and these numbers are climbing. Canadians have many non-linear viewing options, and these technologies are clearly empowering viewers to take control of their schedule.


What to expect from the Winter/Spring 2015 season

The BRC noted the increasingly important role of diversity when developing shows to air, as well as the rise of  “shorter business model”  programs condensed between 4-8 episodes versus a longer season of 13 +.

“TV viewers and advertisers can expect a few period pieces with historical references that will air during this Mid-Season,” notes Lloyd, “And perhaps the reality TV boom is finally calming down out?  No new reality programs will be airing.”

18 new programs were picked up by Canadian broadcasters that will air during Winter/Spring 2015: 


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