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FFWD2017: Moving at the Speed of Millennials

Posted by Nataly Khansryri on Feb 5, 2017 5:27:40 PM

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Part of FFWD2017, Twitter held a session last week discussing how brands can reach out to Millennials on their social media platform. Alyson Gausby, Head of Research at Twitter Canada presented new insights on Canadian Millennials and how to get them on board with your brand.

Joining her on the panel was Lara Skrpitsky, Senior Director & Head of Digital at McDonald’s Canada, Jessica Myers, Marketing Director at AMEX, Sal Patel, Lead Digital Engagement Producer at TIFF, and Stacey Cummings, Marketing Director at yconic. They shared with us their strategies on being able to successfully engage Millennials and what brands can do to improve on their marketing plans for 2017.

What do Millennials Want When It Comes to Social Media?

  • Speed – Millennials on Twitter need to be engaged with a brand very quickly or else they will move on to something else.
  • Connection – Millennials like to feel like they are connecting with other people and, most importantly, brands. “Social media is the best way to rally people around a common cause.”
  • Learning & Sharing – Many turn to Twitter to find out what’s happening and want to weigh in with their own opinions. Users have a mindset of “look at this” rather than “look at me.”
  • ½ of Millennials use the platform to connect with brands and ½ of those people interact with brands, so it’s important that a brand’s social media presence is strong and effective.
  • ⅔ of Millennials on Twitter say “social media helps them discover new products”, ½ use social media to decide what products to buy and 7/10 have taken action because of an ad they saw on Twitter. “Because Millennials are using Twitter to find new products and services, reaching this audience on their own turf is key.”

How to Get Millennials to Engage with Your Brand

  • “Drop new stuff, be prepared, and be present.”

Brands should make themselves a part of what’s up and what’s happening— be a part of the present conversation. “Seeing breaking news about products is the #1 reason Canadian Millennials follow brands.” This will make them feel like they are getting exclusive insights to your brand. Communication is also key, as Millennials prefer to use social media to interact with brands.

  • “Elevate your brand to celebrity status.”

58% use Twitter to follow entertainment/celebrity news. Brands should take advantage of this opportunity to connect with consumers in a meaningful way.  The #BellLetsTalk campaign is a good example of successfully engaging their customers. They were able to not only start a trend, but they got the audience (especially Millennials) involved and stand behind a good cause.

  • “Lean in and win with live events.”

Millennials love to post during live events. 41% engage in conversation about a live/televised event on Twitter. Companies should insert themselves into these live discussions and perhaps offer insider access to things people cannot get elsewhere (e.g. behind-the-scenes footage). This will make consumers relate to your brand and want to learn more about what you have to offer.

Nataly Khansryri, Digital Media Assistant

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