Our feel-good official corporate charity success story

Posted by KImberly Armstrong on Nov 20, 2013 9:07:00 AM

Meeting Corporate Social Responsibility goals can be challenging for organizations. In order to make a difference in the community, they must be somewhat lofty.

And when you factor in the need to stay on top of day-to-day priorities, along with the difficulty of effectively communicating CSR goals internally, it’s easy to see how CSR can slip on a “to do” list.

At Active International Canada, we are up to the challenge.

In April, we announced Active Cares, our Corporate Social Responsibility program, along with the selection of Food Banks Canada as our official corporate charity.

A lot has happened since we made that announcement. In 7 months, Active Cares Canada has:

  • Surpassed our annual goal of $225,000 in value given back to the community by 25% 
  • This includes over $128,000 worth of food donated to Food Banks Canada; and
  • $106,000 of free media donated to Food Banks Canada to spread the word about the importance of helping the 900,000 Canadians who turn to food banks each month 
  • We have donated an additional $148,000 in media space to Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart campaign


 How did we do it?

 #1 We asked customers for help

Close to 90% of the food donated to Food Banks came from a limited time customer offer
called Food for Media. When a client donated a minimum of $10,000 of food to Food Banks Canada, they became eligible to receive double the value of the food in free media space through Active.

CONAGRA FOODS stepped up big time, trading-in a whopping $110,000 worth of food.  This generous trade shot us past our annual goal in one fell swoop.


#2 Our partners chipped in too

Through the normal course of business, Active Canada makes trade investments with key media partners throughout the year.  This media space is used primarily with our valued clients, and in this case we offered some of this media space to customers through the Food for Media program. In addition, we kicked-in an additional $50,000 of media directly to Food Banks to help fund public service announcements.


How can other companies get involved?

Thanks to the overwhelming response, Food for Media is now closed. However, any business looking to increase their CSR efforts to Food Banks Canada through Corporate Trade can in two other ways:


  1. On your behalf, we will donate a portion of your eligible food inventory through a regular Corporate Trade transaction to Food Banks. Or;
  2. We can also make a financial contribution to Food Banks Canada in your name (or an equivalent food purchase) and in return you commit a multiple of your media spend to Active to purchase.


We are still working on the other lofty goals outlined in our Corporate Social Responsibility plan last April. Stay tuned for more updates on our corporate charity, as well as our commitment to transparency, continuous improvement and employee satisfaction.



 Using Corporate Trade for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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