A miracle cure for summer inventory hangover

Posted by KImberly Armstrong on Sep 11, 2013 4:29:00 PM


With the 2nd half of the year well underway for those companies on a calendar fiscal, many of our customers are looking closely at the balance sheet to review inventory turnover.  If you’re in sales or marketing, you’re likely looking closely at whether or not you’re on track to hit your forecasts.

As your focus shifts to executing a strong fall and winter season, inventory hangover from the summer should be the last thing on your mind. And yet, moving these assets at full value could be the difference between hitting your targets, and not. The big question is how to offload this excess without taking a loss?

Liquidation and end of summer sales are certainly an option, however margins suffer (often to the tune of a third of the asset’s original value through liquidation). As you strategize around your plan of attack, it’s a great time to keep Corporate Trade top of mind.

Through a Corproate Trade partnership, you are empowered to maximize value on any at-risk assets and inventory, where you will typically receive up to three times the cash value that excess stock is worth on the open market.

A quick refresh on how Corporate Trade can cure your summer inventory hangover, at act as a risk management strategy for the upcoming fall and winter season:

  1. You trade your inventory to Active in exchange for Trade Credits valued typically at about 3 times what you’d receive on the open market.
  2. Your Trade Credits are then used over time to offset the cost of some of your biggest expenditures, such as media, travel, retail marketing and printing, and freight.
There are many ways Corporate Trade can be leveraged to cure your inventory hangover for balance of 2013. Be sure to speak with your Account Manager, or request a free Corporate Trade assessment to discuss the best option for you.

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