Media buying trends: how Canadians use the second screen

Posted by KImberly Armstrong on Sep 24, 2013 10:23:00 AM

The television is no longer the attention-commanding appliance it once was. Today, it shares the spotlight with a variety of ubiquitous devices including smart phones, tablets and computers.

According to this infographic from Seevibes, the iPhone is viewers’ favourite device, representing more than 40% of social TV interactions—an 80% increase over the last 18 months. Tablet and Android use is also growing, while Blackberry and computers are declining.

How does the second screen impact media buying trends? What does the second screen mean for advertisers?

It is possible for advertisers to target the most socially active shows on TV. A US survey from Accenture reports dramas and comedies as the top genres where consumers want to interact via social media. However, in Canada, the MTV Video Music Awards was the most popular TV show on social media last August.

According to the Accenture study, TV viewers interact with social media symbols while watching TV. One-third of those surveyed reported “liking” a TV program on Facebook, scanning a QR code or searching for a hash tag on Twitter.

Viewers are using social media symbols to get more information about a show, as well as products or services. For example, it is common for TV viewers to download coupons and promotional codes, enter a contest or sweepstakes, and even make purchases.

The Accenture study goes on to report that close to three-quarters of “those who received content via social media symbols while watching TV said it just ‘met expectations,’ compared with 10% who said the content ‘did not meet expectations.’”

The television experience has changed from a passive experience to a social and interactive one. There is an opportunity for television advertisers to step up their game by offering more information and interactivity to keep their audience engaged on social media.  


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