Why Corporate Trade cannot replace your Canadian media agency

Posted by KImberly Armstrong on Jul 23, 2013 9:50:00 AM

Whether you place your media in-house or work with a Canadian media agency, it is important your buyers play an important role in your Corporate Trade transaction.

After all, they are the mastermind of your media plan so collaborating with your Corporate Trade provider on the execution is critical.

Here are seven common questions advertisers typically ask us about Corporate Trade and how it fits with the services their media buyers provide.

#1 How should our Canadian media agency work with a Corporate Trade provider?

Your Corporate Trade provider reviews your media plan, then together with you and your Canadian agency collectively determines where they can make the most impact on your behalf. This process ensures your media buy helps you meet your communication goals.

Typically, your agency continues to formulate your media strategy, plan and pricing plus oversees the implementation of your Corporate Trade plan and the performance of your provider.

At Active, we have a media process of checks and balances to ensure your buys are properly executed. The process allows us to adjust to revised plan parameters, costs and media formats:

Corporate Trade Media Process

#2 How can a Corporate Trade deal strengthen our media buy?

Trade Credits discount your media invoices. The discount frees up cash flow in your advertising budget so you can choose to purchase additional media.

#3 Do Corporate Trade companies get better advertising rates?

Trade Credits help you lower the cash outlay for your media, but they do not lower your contracted rates. Your media agency determines the benchmark pricing, just as it normally does.

In other words, if your media plan costs $1 million before the transaction, it would still cost $1 million after the transaction under the same plan. The difference is that you are paying for a portion of it with your Trade Credits that act as a discount.

Corporate Trade helps your marketing dollars go further or simply frees up cash flow to put to the bottom line.

#4 Are Corporate Trade providers able to purchase prime advertising space?


There is absolutely no need to compromise media quality when using Corporate Trade. If media is available to the general marketplace, it is available to a reputable Corporate Trade company who has made trade agreements with media providers based on unrestricted media space.

Corporate Trade companies like Active International employ seasoned media buyers who place sought-after media across all channels. For example, Active International places over $40 million of media in Canada and over $1 billion around the world each year.

Here are just some of the media we typically purchase for our clients:



#5 What about digital buys?

Established Corporate Trade companies partner with digital media owners on display, rich media, pre-rolls, sponsorships, performance-based campaigns and social media. At Active International Canada, we also have trading relationships on emerging platforms such as mobile and RTB.

If you are looking for a Corporate Trade provider, ask whether they have a digital team. You will want to ensure there are dedicated digital resources in-house who understand this media.

#6 What expertise do Corporate Trade companies have as media buyers?

Expertise varies from one Corporate Trade company to another.

Active International Canada has a team of 190 integrated media specialists across North America who negotiates and manages media campaigns every day.  Our media professionals have significant experience in the media industry—they have been marketers, media planners, advertising agency executives, creative directors, client partners, and account planner, just like many of our clients. Having buying capabilities in-house maintains flexibility as well as quality control.

In addition to our experienced media team, Active International also has longstanding relationships with media leaders in broadcasting, cable, publishing and online media that provide us with unique access to the highest level of insights within media organizations around the world. We formalized this connection by creating the Active International Media Advisory Board.

The US-based board is comprised of top executives from the domestic and international broadcast and publishing community, providing a forum to discuss industry trends and develop new solutions that lead directly to increased efficiencies and new opportunities for our clients.

These insiders strategize with us about everything from cross-platform integration to advancements in electronic media measurement.

#7 How do Corporate Trade companies work with in-house media buyers?

The ideal relationship with in-house media buyers is the same as if you buy your media with an outside media agency.

Your Corporate Trade provider reviews your media plan and together with you and your in-house team determines where they can make the most impact on your behalf.

Your Corporate Trade partner and Canadian media agency are complementary with one another. While the services are similar, an advertiser needs both to execute an effective Corporate Trade transaction AND an effective media plan.


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