Active International Canada selects Food Banks Canada as Corporate Charity

Posted by KImberly Armstrong on Apr 22, 2013 5:00:00 PM

Active International Canada is teaming up with Food Banks Canada as its official corporate Active Cares Canadacharity. The initiative is part of a larger Corporate Social Responsibility program called Active Cares in Canada that includes reducing the company’s environmental impact, as well as a commitment to transparency, continuous improvement and employee satisfaction.

“Trusted companies don’t operate in a bubble,” says Andrew Bulmer, senior vice president and general manager at Active International Canada. “Active International believes our actions as a company impact not only our employees and direct stakeholders, but also the community and environment in which we  operate.”

Active Cares in Canada includes three strategic pillars: social, environmental and corporate governance. On the social front, Active International Canada selected Food Banks Canada, the national charitable organization representing the food bank community across Canada, as its official corporate charity. Active will support Food Banks Canada through cash, food and media donations, plus volunteer work by Active Canada employees.

Andrew Bulmer“Keeping Canada beautiful and clean is the obligation of all its citizens,” Bulmer says in reference to Active Cares in Canada’s environmental pillar. “Although Active International Canada has a relatively small carbon footprint, we believe that operating in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner is important—no matter your business size.”

Active International Canada is using technology and a flexible work policy to reduce the number of trips employees make traveling to vendors, clients and Active International offices. Waste reduction, energy efficiency and green-waste programs are also part of the company’s environmentally-responsible approach.

“We strive to be a trusted partner in business.” Bulmer adds.  “At the heart of Active Cares in Canada’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is a strong commitment to transparency, continuous improvement and employee satisfaction.”

Active will produce and share an annual CSR report with all stakeholders. Team building events with Food Banks Canada, combined with an annual employee satisfaction survey, will increase employee engagement, ensuring Active International Canada retains the best and brightest.

Active International Canada is also encouraging other companies to take their CSR activities to the next level. A free tip sheet on how to use Corporate Trade to boost an organization’s CSR efforts can be downloaded from the company’s website. The tip sheet explains how businesses can work smarter with their resources and increase CSR efforts without incremental dollars.

“Studies show that many executives feel business survival and short-term financial pressures are a barrier to CSR initiatives,” Bulmer concludes. “Corporate Trade helps minimize those concerns in several ways, especially by boosting cash flow that can then be invested in Corporate Social Responsibility programs.”

About Active International Canada

Active International Canada is a diversified Corporate Trade organization that helps companies unlock value from excess or underperforming assets such as inventory, real estate and capital equipment. Asset value is then used to fund normal business expenditures, and to create cash savings and economic benefits. The company offers a wide range of goods and services including global media buys, worldwide freight and logistics, printing and retail merchandizing services plus travel, meeting and event services. Active serves clients across more than 40 sectors including retail, electronics, mobile/telco, pharmaceutical, entertainment, manufacturing, and travel. Active International is a global company operating in countries around the world including the US, Australia, the UK, China, Brazil, France and more.

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