The Corporate Trade industry report: digital pop up stores (Nov 2012)

Posted by Andrea Allen on Nov 16, 2012 4:12:00 PM

Digital Pop-Up Stores

As lives become busier and consumers demand faster access to information, products, and ideas, marketers are constantly looking for new ways to deliver brand messages to consumers on the go. An exciting new innovation in digital marketing has emerged that has the potential to revolutionize the way we do our shopping. Digital “pop-up stores” are making an appearance and are causing quite the stir.

This month, Walmart and Mattel launched their first test-store in downtown Toronto near Union Station.

The digital store is essentially an elaborate billboard design with product images and information. The billboard showcases a select product offering from Mattel with corresponding QR codes. Consumers can scan the codes and purchase the toys on the spot. Products are then shipped directly to the buyer’s home.

Busy parents, who are faced with an often-times hectic commute, can get a portion of their Christmas shopping done without having to step foot in a store or having to surf a website. Walmart and Mattel aren’t the first to come up with such an innovative digital marketing strategy. Tesco has been using interactive billboards over the past year for groceries and other home goods in a variety of locations including Gatwick Airport and South Korea. These digital stores have married OOH advertising with online capabilities.

So what does this mean for marketers? We’ve seen the decline in traditional “bricks and mortar” stores and an increase in e-commerce. But here is a new trend that seems to be a combination of the two ideas that encompasses out of home advertising. But with a new marketing idea comes the question on how can a company afford to test-drive yet another marketing technique without taking away from traditional outlets?

By using Corporate Trade a company can use under-utilized assets to off-set the costs of an interactive OOH display. As Christmas merchandise is being displayed, what happens to the autumn-themed inventory? Using Corporate Trade can allow a company to use past-season stock to fund a current season’s media campaign, and to foray into the exciting new realm of digital pop-up stores.

A digital marketing campaign that allows me to purchase Christmas presents without having to enter a hot, overly-crowded mall while I’m on my usual commute? That’s an idea that certainly puts me in the Christmas spirit.

By: Andrea Allen, Sales & Marketing Intern


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