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Posted by KImberly Armstrong on Oct 1, 2012 3:52:00 PM

This week I interviewed the lovely and talented Chelsey Bonser, Media Manager.

Explain your job as you would to a 5-year-old:

You know the commercials you see on TV, on billboards, or online, or hear on the radio? Well, I’m responsible for buying that space and time for our clients. No, I do not create or make the commercials; I just ensure that there is somewhere for the advertisements to run once the commercials are made. Oh, and I have to persuade our vendors to allow us to pay for that space and time with cash AND goods and services!

Why Your Role and why @ Active?

I have a diploma in Advertising Media Sales and while working to earn this diploma, the courses I always loved most were the buying and sales courses. Being a Key Account Buyer at Active has allowed me to do both. While I am responsible for buying the digital, broadcast, and OOH campaigns for our clients, I am also consistently selling the Active trading model to our vendors to ensure our clients are able to utilize as many of their trade credits as possible on each and every campaign.

Most memorable moment at Active so far?

My promotion into Key Account Buyer. With the support and guidance from my team, I was given numerous opportunities to learn and grow within Active. Had it not been for the mentoring I received from my superiors, I would not have accelerated into my current position as swiftly as I did.

Tell us about your charitable cause of choice and the last thing you did to support it?

Canadian Blood Services. I just submitted swabs to the Canadian Blood Services to add to their databank for bone marrow transplants.

If you weren’t in your current career you would probably be ……

... a forensic scientist!

Adjective your family would use to best describe you?


Adjective your Customers would use to best describe you?

Thorough… and loud

Adjective your best friend would use to best describe you?


Biggest Trend Impacting Your Area of the Business To Date?

The digital and mobile landscape is constantly changing and advancing. In response, we must constantly educate ourselves and our clients on the newest tools and assets available and how Active can provide more value and innovation to our clients' advertising campaigns.

What’s the most innovative thing you've seen a customer do to unlock value from their assets?

We developed a relationship with a client through our traditional model: They had “stressed inventory”. Active issued trade credits for the full value of this inventory which the client would not have gotten had they sold the inventory to their normal distribution channels. After redeeming all their trade credits, the client was hooked to the Active model. However, they did not have any other current “stressed inventory” to allow for another traditional trade deal. Instead, the client decided to buy their trade credits from Active until they had inventory available because they saw the tremendous value Active was able to offer and wanted to continue their strong relationship with us.

Favourite Ad of all time?

Sport Chek’s “Your Better Starts Here” Ads. Every time I see them, it motivates me to push harder during my next workout! Such impactful ads!

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