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Posted by KImberly Armstrong on Jul 12, 2012 3:10:00 PM

Today, I sat down with the head-honcho himself, Andrew Bulmer, Active's fearless leader (aka SVP and Managing Director) to share a little bit more insight into the man leading our mighty team.

Andrew Bulmer, SVP and Managing Director

Explain your job as you would to a 5-year-old:

We allow customers to purchase media and other services with their “stuff”.

Why this role and why @ Active?

I am privileged to lead this Canadian business and a great team! Coming from a sales and marketing background, this opportunity allows me to apply what I know and continue to learn.

Most memorable moment at Active so far?

Meeting our founders Alan Elkin and Arthur Wagner. I have been lucky to work at Molson-Coors and Red Bull where I got to meet founders or family members who still manage the business. My grandfather and my father were both entrepreneurs and it motivates me to know the interesting real people that have put their blood sweat and tears into building a business. I am proud to do my part for the business in Canada.

Tell us about your charitable cause of choice and the last thing you did to support it?

I am a member of the Board of Directors for Special Olympics Canada and Co-Chair the 30th Annual Special Olympics Festival which raises funds to enrich the lives of Canadians with an intellectual disability through sport. It is a big commitment on top of work and family – but you always get more than you give when you see the difference our work has done to build confidence and self-esteem in our athletes.

If you weren’t in your current career you would probably be ……

Since I do most of the cooking on the weekends… perhaps a chef.

Adjective your family would use to best describe you?

Loyal and caring.

Adjective your Customers would use to best describe you?

Loyal and innovative.

Adjective your best friend would use to best describe you?

Loyal and funny.

What’s the most innovative thing you’ve seen a customer do to unlock value from their assets?

Businesses today need to be constantly evolving to be successful and stay relevant. As such they also need to constantly assessing their inventory, capital equipment and real estate foot print. I want us to be known as a great long term partner that is part of our customer’s planning process when challenges arise. Many or our customers “pay as you go” with assets over many years vs. solving a one time inventory issue. Our most integrated customer leverages their trade credits for media, retail merchandising, freight and even printing the boxes that their product comes in. That is the gold standard of integration for our Customer Team at Active Canada.

Favourite Ad of all time?

I Am Canadian! (told you I’m loyal!).

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