The Corporate Trade industry report : June 22, 2012

Posted by KImberly Armstrong on Jun 22, 2012 2:56:00 PM

A Shift in Mediums

For the past 50 years Television has been the most sought after and pursued medium for companies who want to connect and reach to large audiences effectively. Although Television is still has a huge presence the tides seem to be turning as recent data illustrates that Canadians are spending more time online than watching television, with males going online more than females. Clearly, the best way to connect with consumers is evolving and digital advertising is becoming another smart way to connect with your internet-savvy audience. Furthermore with the introduction of Real time bidding in the past years, companies are able to buy media on an impression by impression basis allowing for their ads to be seen by only the most relevant consumers. Real time bidding allows for a more concentrated way to reach consumers online, adding value and increasing a company’s Return on investment for digital media campaigns. With this change occurring Active has followed suit expanding into the digital medium and placing digital campaigns for numerous firms with and without the use of Real time bidding.

Augmented Reality the Future of Shopping?

Augmented Reality is a technology that allows for the overlapping of the real world with a virtual world through electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets and computers. This technology has been continually worked on over the past few years with some people already adopting the system for business purposes. Retail companies make up a large portion of the early-adopters, with some analysts already predicting that augmented reality will be the future of retail. Why? The software allows the customer to virtually try on clothes from the comfort of their own house, allowing shoppers to hear and feel the fabric as if it were real. This helps solve a major problem for internet retail sites which is the fact that people are uncomfortable buying clothes without trying them on first. This is a very interesting concept and could change everything from the way people set their businesses up to how they reach out to their customers.

Zenith Downsizes Ad Spend to Align with Economic Growth

Recently Zenith Optimedia brought down their forecast for ad spending in Canada from a prediction of 5.6% growth to only 4.4%. This decrease in expected growth is also set to affect the ad spend in 2013 and 2014 on top of 2012. Zenith claims that the main reason they decreased their forecasts for the upcoming 3 years was due to a softer economic growth in Canada than originally expected. This downgrade is coming on the heels of a report indicating that the worldwide ad spend forecast has increased due to corporations focusing more on marketing campaigns and the situation in Europe getting better. This just shows once again Canadians are still feeling effects from the recession in 2008. If companies don’t want to sacrifice/ change key parts of their business in order to stay profitable, they are going to have to be creative. It’s no wonder why so many companies are turning to innovative models such as Corporate Trade to avoid sacrificing media budgets by working smarter with their existing resources.

Canadian agencies making a Global Impression

Congratulations to BBDO Canada, TAXI and John St. for their excellent ads that put them on the short list to win film lions at the international Festival of Creativity. There were 172 submissions made by Canadian agencies this year up from 154 made in 2011, with only the U.S., U.K. and Brazil submitting more entries. And although the amount of ads put on the short list dropped from 19 to 14 from a year ago we are still confident they will bring home some hardware. The awards will be given out on Saturday evening at Cannes and we are crossing our fingers in hope that one of these great agencies can bring home a film lion!

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