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Posted by Andrew Bulmer on May 14, 2012 2:22:00 PM

My mom and dad instilled in me the importance of giving time to charity. My mom has always volunteered for major events, fundraising initiatives and founding a local gymnastics club in my hometown of Collingwood, as well as running the Canadian National Rhythmic Gymnastics team and was honored as citizen of the year a few years ago as a result of her dedication. My father also volunteered his time to local service clubs, minor hockey and also many anonymous acts of kindness for folks less fortunate in our community.

My charity of choice is Special Olympics. Special Olympics Canada is dedicated to enriching the lives of Canadians with an intellectual disability through sport, and supports over 38,000 athletes, coaches and volunteers

My life is enriched by volunteering my time on the SOC National Board of Directors and also as Chair of the Special Olympics Festival in Toronto which raises funds for our athlete programs across Canada. The hours are considerable on top of a busy work and family schedule – but I can guarantee that I always get more out of my experience with our amazing athletes and dedicated coaches, volunteers and SOC staff than I am able to give. I also enjoy bringing my family to meet our athletes and understand how to be a good sport. At Special Olympics Canada, our organization also benefits from funding, media and volunteer support from many great Canadian companies.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an important part of many organizational strategies in Canada. A recent survey identified that 61% of Canadian corporations have taken actions to enhance their impact in their communities. And it goes without saying - they help to enrich lives and build stronger communities as a result of their generosity.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an equally important part of our corporate strategy at Active International. Active Cares is the charitable, community-based arm of Active International. Founded in 1997, it is designed to support--financially and otherwise--activities and organizations that are important to our employees, clients and vendors. Since its inception, Active Cares has supported over 600 separate organizations that are important to our employees, customers and vendors. The program spurs community involvement on behalf of employees and allows Active to play a meaningful role as a good corporate citizen.

A recent KPMG Corporate Sustainability Progress Report indicated that 45 % of execs surveyed indicated that the primary barrier to enhanced sustainability-driven initiatives (such as CSR) :

business survival and short-term financial pressures are simply bigger priorities right now

The good news is that through innovation, Canadian companies can effectively balance financial pressures without compromising their CSR initiatives. Active’s Corporate Trade model is one of those solutions. Corporate Trade provides incremental value to a customer’s liquidation assets – which offers an opportunity for them to invest these incremental funds towards their CSR initiatives. As well, Active can contribute funding to organizations’ CSR causes in return for a commitment of a portion of their existing media spend to be placed through our team (we call this a cash cross purchase). Essentially, they are able to leverage our model to support a cause without spending incremental dollars… or altering any of their media plans.

If you are interested in learning more how Active International in Canada can help fund your corporate social responsibility efforts, please feel free to contact me at abulmer@activeinternational.com.

To quote the Special Olympic athlete oath –

“Let me win, but if I cannot win let me be brave in the attempt.”

Certainly words to live by.


Andrew @ Active

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