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Posted by Scott Miles on Mar 13, 2012 1:56:00 PM

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Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good

I don’t know a thing about gambling except when it comes to #winning. Pardon the worn out Charlie Sheen hashtag, but the point still stands. I can’t really play blackjack without looking totally unaware, I stick out like a sore thumb at the craps table and, unless I’m among fellow amateurs at a guy’s night, poker isn’t my strong suit. Still, through all the flashing lights and noises I came out $155 dollars ahead thanks to the colour red.

Sometimes it’s better to be good than lucky

Where am I going with this? Well, we had some incredible hosts last Thursday. All together there were a dozen industry pros hailing from agencies like CP+B, Mindshare & UM that joined Break Media for their industry event. And I must say, they really know how to bring people together:

  • Greeting by a limo bus at Yonge & Dundas
  • Whisked away to Hilton Niagara where we stayed in some great suites overlooking the famous falls
  • Enjoyed an amazing dinner and great dialogue at Brasa Restaurant in the Hilton (I highly recommend it)
  • Followed by a little gambling and simply enjoying the Niagara nightlife with like-minded media folks

Amid the fun, we engaged in some great dialogue around some of the excitement and challenges of the broadcast, digital and OOH industry. It’s always valuable to hear about some of the amazing executions and plans other agencies put together, as well as sharing some of the cool campaigns we at Active have had the opportunity to work on. Since we collaborate so closely with other agencies who build outstanding plans (that we then execute the buying on), our group discussion certainly reinforced a similarity in the challenges and successes that we all realize in the media world! Among our hot topics (I’ll be weighing in on some of these topics in subsequent blogs):

  • The positives/negatives of using broadcast conventions and measurements as points of reference in online and mobile campaigns
  • Experiences we’ve had when executing real-time bidding (RTB) campaigns in the online space
  • Using Google Analytics when executing online display and search campaigns as a way of understanding user behavior and campaign performance beyond impression levels and the CTR measurement.

As the event wrapped up and we arrived back in Toronto, we exchanged salutations and made plans to keep in touch with our fellow industry pros.

Thanks again, Break Media!

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