The corporate trade industry report: March 4th 2012

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In this week’s edition we examine Canada’s internet love affair, welcome Near Field Communication Technology to Toronto and Montreal, applaud the first iPad application to win an Oscar, admire Google’s bold proposition to hackers, and welcome the Real Housewives of Vancouver to the popular franchise series.

Canada maintains #1 spot for Internet usage.

According to a recent ComScore Inc. study, Canadians rank #1 for time spent on the internet – with the average Canadian sitting in front of their laptop or tablet for almost 2 full days a month (the study notes that this number does not include access to pornographic sites). It is no wonder that digital advertising spending targeted toward Canadians surpassing $2.5-billion in 2011, according to the Globe & Mail. We have seen this first hand at Active Canada – with the majority of our clients increasingly leveraging their Trade Credits with us for more digital media buys. On the flipside, another eMarketer study indicates that Canadians could be on the verge of losing our social media crown due to a predicted upswing in US usage this year. So the 2.5-billion dollar question is…. why are Canadians spending so much time online? And how exactly do we manage internet connections through these igloos?

OOH: Toronto & Montreal welcome NFC Technology to street furniture.

Astral Out Of Home is set to adapt new innovative Near Field Communication Technology to its Toronto and Montreal street furniture. The technology will give smartphone users the opportunity to watch the trailer of an upcoming movie, get a discount coupon for a boutique or restaurant, visit the virtual showroom of a car dealership and much more just by touching the chip on NFC-enabled faces with their smartphones.

Broadcast: Out with Drama, in with Comedy?

In a recent Marketing Magazine article,Max Valiquette from the Canadian Media Fund speculates that social economic factors play a key role in US network dismal ratings for Dramas, and show upside for Comedy. Meanwhile, the same week, SliceTV unveiled its launch for the Real Housewives of Vancouver (#RHOV)– the first Canadian franchise of the popular US series. Will it be as successful as its cousins to the south? Although its producer promises “drama”… we predict comedy.

iPad Application Wins Oscar?

Well not quite, but almost. Last week’s Oscar winner for Best Short film went to The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, a short film which is equally recognized for its gorgeous and highly interactive children’s eBook iPad application. Perhaps the incredible integration between story and game won the academy over? Either way - we hope this is an indication to the future of eBooks!

Google offers hackers $1 million at the Vancouver CanSecWest conference.

As part of the “Pwnium security challenge”, Google offered to pony up an additional $1 Million in cash to anyone at the Vancouver at the CanSecWest conference who could hack its Chrome browser. This isn’t the first that Google has put out such a self-assured challenge, last year they offered a $20,000 bounty. The code has yet to be cracked. A very bold and clever PR approach to making a very strong security statement - we love it.

Major Social Networks roll out brand tools.

And finally if you haven’t heard the news - LinkedIn rolled out ‘Follow Company’ button for Brands, allowing brands to attract followers outside of linked in. Meanwhile, Facebook launched Timeline for Brands, with notable features including a new interface, an admin panel, the ability to highlight/hide/delete posts, and the ability for a fan to see comments or posts related to the brand from his/her friends.

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