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Posted by Andrew Bulmer on Feb 8, 2012 1:36:00 PM

When I joined Active in October of 2011, my mom and my friends asked me “so what does Active International do?”. I performed my best elevator speech honed from my years of sales experience to explain that “we are a global trade company that lets companies use their assets to pay for media, marketing and operating services.” I noticed that I had several blank stares in return and decided that we needed to launch a website specifically for our Canadian marketplace to make our value proposition and our business more tangible.
People learn differently, and everyone prefers to “buy local”. So our team went about to create a website that provides you with a video outlining our business model, a calculator that explains a typical partnership transaction, case studies and testimonialsfrom the Canadian marketplace that demonstrate how we create new partnerships.

So how does our model actually work?

Active buys underperforming assets with trade credits for a greater amount than can be achieved for cash on the open market. These trade credits can then be leveraged by purchasing media, printing, freight and corporate travel through Active to unlock that value. Last year, Active International traded $1.4B year on behalf of clients across the globe, delivering $145MM in extra value in the form of Trade Credits. In the past 10 years, Active Canada has traded $454MM on behalf of our customers unlocking $52MM in value through the use of their trade credits.

Moving forward, we will share information and ideas to help your business unlock value through a partnership with Active, as well as information and insights from the Canadian business and media landscape that we believe you will find helpful to navigate an ever-changing marketplace.

We have a great team at Active Canada. Check us out on the Our Team page. Our 34 staff are located in our new Canadian home office in Toronto, and at our corporate head office in Pearl River, New York. We all work together very closely to build trusted partnerships with our customers, media agencies and media vendors.

So please surf and enjoy our site, and contact us at infocanada@activeinternational.com to discuss how we can help you unlock value in your business today!


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