Ad Club's Digital Day Recap

Posted by Meara Johnson on Aug 7, 2018 1:51:07 PM

Our Digital Team members attended the Ad Club's Digital Day event earlier this summer. Jennifer Lee, Integrated Media Assistant and Lisa Martins, Key Account Digital Buyer, shared their thoughts on the event along with a few key takeaways.

The session kicked off with a panel discussion lead by industry leaders from client to vendor sides of the business. The panel covered today’s salient topics such as the state of GDPR, what the future of agency is, and why content rich digital buys get cut first.

Answers to these questions were to the point, and honestly answered– one panelist alluded to the idea that the agency’s role will morph into more of a consultant role as more clients bring media in house. Another participant simply commented on the quality of content being the main issue as to why it gets cut; to avoid getting cut – be original, ensure a good brand fit and always be strategic.

The keynote speaker was Sam Sebastian, once the head of Google Canada and now the CEO of Pelmorex Corp. Sam reflected on how at each life stage when he found himself feeling comfortable that was his signal to add complexity to further grow. For example, once proficient as a right hand tennis player, his dad would encourage him to use his left arm until he became equally skilled using both arms. It was a strategy that worked well and helped him earn a tennis scholarship to attend The Ohio State University, this tactic also helped him rise from being accountant to the leader of Google Canada, and currently Pelmorex Corp.. His talk segued into 4 key trends and solutions for adaptation:

4 Key Trends:

  1. 1. Advertising’s need for speed and mass scale solutions
  2. 2. Big Data
  3. 3. AI
  4. 4. Machine Learning

Like his philosophy – his advice to address these trends were:

  1. 1. Instead of mass scale solution –go local and be custom
  2. 2. For Big Data – focus on one or two insights that impacts business
  3. For AI and Machine Learning – there will always be a need for human interaction to tweak/improve data and always look to gaps for opportunity

Digital day was an opportunity to hear from prominent industry leaders and to connect with like-minded industry members to talk digital.  Being able to attend an event that offered insight on key trends, while also being able to walk away with tips on how to adapt to the changing digital space was refreshing. - Lisa M.

Both Lisa, and Jennifer thoroughly enjoyed the day, and are eagerly anticipating the next event!

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