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Posted by Meara Johnson on Apr 27, 2018 4:39:34 PM

April 22, 2018 marked the annual worldwide celebration of Earth Day. People around the globe took time out of their day to join together to help clean up the planet. Various events were held around the city to encourage people in our community to be mindful about how even the smallest change in routine could lead to positive effects on our planet.

Our team joined together to brainstorm ways that we could reduce our footprint, which led to the decision to schedule a Twenty-Minute Corporate Cleanup. This is part of a larger, Toronto-wide initiative that brings residents, students, businesses, and organizations together to clean up public spaces across the city. Marketing Manager, Christine Lako; Senior Key Account Buyer, Andrea Lloyd; and Senior Accountant, Laura Steffler are part of the internal committee that is spearheading this initiative for Active Canada. Employees will be encouraged to take twenty minutes out of their day to get some fresh air, while cleaning up any litter around our community. Employees have embraced the initiative and are excited to help.

“I’m excited to spend time with coworkers to tidy up the area outside of our office building. It’s important for us to take care of the space in which we live and work” – Talisa Garing, Digital Media Assistant

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, by modifying how we go about our daily tasks around the office. Last year our Media Team changed the way contracts were booked by converting the booking process to 100% online. This small change instantly eliminated the use of paper from an entire step of the booking process. While we are not yet 100% paperless we are striving daily to do what we can to minimize the use of paper in the office. Operations Manager, Anne-Amor Nepomunceno and her team are diligently working with third party providers to maximize efficiencies in our workflow; the main focus at this time is reducing the amount of printing paper being used, “[Going paperless] is always the end goal” – Anne-Amor.

Another method of reducing our carbon footprint is our work from home benefit offered to our employees. Active team members have the choice to work from home for 1-2 days per week, in efforts to reduce the amount of time our employees are commuting by up to 40%. Our work from home initiative is something that we as a company pride ourselves on, because it reduces stress on the environment as well as our employees.

We at Active are striving to do as much as we can to celebrate and take care of our planet, starting with the community in which we live.

Give us a shout on Twitter and let us know how you have taken steps to reduce your footprint!

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