2018 Facebook Summit Recap: #SheMeansBusiness

Posted by Nataly Khansryri on Apr 16, 2018 3:44:06 PM

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I had the pleasure of attending the #SheMeansBusiness workshop at the 2018 Facebook Summit. Professional women were able to share encouragement for one another not only in the work environment, but also showing each other emotional support.

The workshop stressed that as women, our greatest challenge is our internal critic. Lisa McCarthy, CEO of Fast Forward Group, had the female attendees perform exercises in order to help us manage our inner critics.

The following are 6 Key Takeaways from #SheMeansBusiness:

1) Clear Power Outages - Reset
A Power Outage is a complete and total loss of motivation, confidence, and productivity in ourselves. The goal is to reset yourself and raise your consciousness to know that this is just a temporary state. Find people who you are comfortable enough with to ‘unload’ and ‘clear’ so you are able to reset.

2) Focus on Contributing vs. What People Think of You
Understand what you are worth and what you have to offer instead of what someone may think of you. If you are able to focus your energy on contributing your skills and talents instead of holding yourself back because of someone else’s opinion, you will open yourself up to more success and empowerment. You need to be able to help yourself before you can help others.

3) Make Up a New Story
Instead of creating negative manifestations of what-ifs in your head, if you are going to make up a story—make it be a positive one. Create stories that are going to build up your confidence and morale, rather than stories that will hold you back and drag you down. The cost of a negative story is your self worth, opportunities, inner peace, career, confidence—pretty much everything you desire in life.

4) Run Your Own Race
If you spend time comparing yourself to others, you are not being constructive and empowering yourself. You must understand that everybody has their fears and insecurities as you do. As long as you keep focus on your task at hand and nobody else’s, you will be able to focus on your success and your happiness.

5) Accept Compliments
No ifs, ands, or buts. Just simply say: “Thank you. I agree.” ;)

6) Journal/Reflect
In the day, name 3 things that you’re grateful for, and at night, name 3 things that you’re proud of and/or did well today.

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