2018 Facebook Summit Recap: Boost Brand Session

Posted by Nataly Khansryri on Apr 11, 2018 4:07:41 PM

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At the 2018 Facebook Summit, I attended the Boost Brand session. It focused on how to understand business, brands, and people. People are moving at a faster pace than businesses, which can be a problem if you are stagnant in the way you do business. However, it can be an opportunity if you are able to embrace and adapt to the changes within your environment, especially if you can do it faster than the competition.

I have summarized 10 Key Takeaways from the session which advertisers can use to maximize impact, today:

1) Don’t plan in silos. Plan as people spend their time
In a study of 100 people, 94% kept a smartphone on hand while watching TV and 53% of the time viewers focused on the TV screen. How ads are designed and delivered should be considered in this type of space.

2) The multi-screen world creates new efficiencies and effectiveness
Studies show that campaigns that run on both Facebook and TV are showing more Ad Recall lift with less cost.

3) Judge performance on business value
Impressions don’t always equal impact. Just because impressions meet or go above the MRC standard, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Ad Recall will greatly increase.

4) Embrace the speed of feed
Users scroll through feeds at a fast pace. Keep this in mind when creating content. What’s going to make people stop scrolling even for a second?

5) Ads built for consumer behavior deliver incremental value
Create content based on how people are consuming. Are they on-the-go, leaning forward into their devices, or leaning back relaxing and enjoying their time?

  • On-the-go: The information should be immediate, short, and memorable.
  • Leaning forward: The information should be interactive and needs to be as engaging as possible.
  • Leaning back: The information can be long and immersive.

6) Build ads content for where it will be consumed
Where will the ad be running (TV, Desktop, Mobile, Radio, etc.)? Different creative will need to be created depending on where people are seeing/hearing the ad, because consumption will be different across various platforms.

7) Get an edge giving your brand a leading role and standing out from the start
Instead of having the ad “lead up to” your brand at the end, put it in the beginning. That way, consumers will know what they are in for early on and impact can be made instantly.

8) Design content to reflect in-feed behaviour
How are people behaving in the newsfeed on desktop versus mobile? Are they more interactive or dismissive? Create ads that mimic how consumers interact with the feed so they are not in a hurry to skip over them.

9) Convey a direct message, early
Don’t depend on people watching ads 100% of the way through in order to get the message across. People are known to skip ads if they can, so try and get out what you are trying to say as early as possible.

Be mindful with repurposing content. It doesn’t always work
The successfulness of a campaign does not mean it will be just as impactful when being reused in the future. You must know your audience and how they uniquely interact with your brand thoroughly in order to decide if repurposing content will positively impact the brand. 

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