Top 2017 Digital Marketing trends you can exploit by trading up

Posted by Esther Tak on Jun 22, 2017 9:18:38 AM

With the new digital age come new media trends and shifts. Staying aware of emerging opportunities will allow marketers to exploit them and stay ahead of the game. 

The return of the chatbots

In September 2016, Google Allo launched a new chatbot messaging platform projected to revolutionize previously limited versions. The rise of chatbots is already visible with large companies like Google, Taco Bell and Dominos using the platform to attract and communicate with consumers. 

Forward-thinking marketers will seek to exploit this new-found opportunity to increase their market reach and mazimize customer retention.

Real-time social media 

At the beginning of 2016, large social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram launched a new feature - live videos. Capitalizing on this new advancement will allow marketers to maintain the interest of their market for longer periods of time. 

Interactive data visualization 

This is a powerful tool marketers can use to summarize key campaign performances and win over consumers. 

Two-way feedback platforms

Companies like Uver and Airbnb have developed website forums and customer ratings to increase customer satisfaction and transparency. Many marketers have been reluctant to incorporate reviews and ratings with the fear displeased customers may tarnish their reputations. However, effectively responding back to client concerns and handling mishaps will benefit the company more than hurt them. 


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