10 Things We Learned at Day 2 of Advertising Week

Posted by Karim Kanji on Sep 27, 2017 9:03:41 AM

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On Tuesday, Advertising Week played host to a podcasting summit called The Power Of Audio. Here are 10 things we learned from today's summit:

  1. i. Various studies have shown that Brand metrics (78% ad recall and 74% likely to buy) on advertising on podcasts are generally higher than brand metrics on other media platforms.
  3. ii. Podcast advertising has mostly been used as a top-of-funnel brand positioning tool for Direct Response campaigns.
  5. iii. For every hour of podcasts, there are approximately two and a half minutes of commercials. On radio, every hour includes 11 minutes of commercials.
  7. iv. The IAB has predicted that 2017 will see $220 million in ad revenue (USA). This is a 78% increase from 2015.
  9. v. In 2016, on Apple Podcasts, there were 10 billion worldwide podcast downloads and streams. The median age of a listener is 29.
  11. vi. Connected speakers have made it very easy to listen to podcasts. 28% of listeners of these new devices report more news and talk consumptoin now versus before aquiring the device.
  13. vii. 1 in 5 women listended to podcasts in the past month (21% of women, 27% of men).
  15. viii. Podcasting is the fastest growing media platform. Year over year growth (2016/2017) was 85%.
  17. ix. According to podcast publisher Gimlet Media, 90% of podcast consumers watch Netflix and 70% use Amazon.
  19. x. Matthew Lieber, co-founder of Gimlet, said, "podcasts are also a very visual medium. But the visuals are projected inside your mind rather than on a screen."

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